Expertise can be provided for a variety of subjects and topics within the education, health and reconstruction sectors.

Our consultancy services include:
  • Needs assessments and surveys
  • Development of project implementation plans
  • Provision of cost calculations
  • Provision of tender ready specifications
  • Monitoring and evaluation of projects and programmes
  • Technical assistance during preparation and implementation

We provide consultancy services for primary, secondary, vocational and higher education projects. Services include, amongst others, curricula development, training for employees and students, implementation of e-learning solutions, development and delivery of equipment for various educational purposes.
For health care projects we offer human resources training and education. For example in the field of sexual and reproductive health, poverty related diseases, and hygiene and sanitation campaigns. Furthermore, procurement, logistics, and supply of equipment for health care facilities can be arranged.

Reconstruction programmes
For Emergency Reconstruction and Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration Programmes we offer (in addition to health care and education services) solutions to achieve social-economic improvement and integration. Short term solutions, such as semi-permanent housing, training for craftsmen, provision of health facilities and medication are integrated within long-term strategies.