Cadena, based in the Netherlands, provides services for both public and private sector customers. The company cooperates with a variety of international companies. Cadena, meaning network, was established in response to the increasing demand of international communities, governments, financing agencies and companies to find fast track, sustainable, turn key solutions for the challenges faced within international development projects.

To a greater extent, stakeholders need new and flexible tools for finding solutions in the field of social development. Sharing of knowledge and experience is therefore becoming more essential. Cadena's activities for international development projects, includes social sectors such as; education, health, and reconstruction programmes.

Within these sectors, Cadena assists clients with:
  1. Turn-key solutions and projects
  2. Consultancy services
  3. Project management and coordination
  4. Business development
  Services can be provided for projects financed by:
  • Local governments
  • African and Asian Development Bank
  • World Bank
  • Specialized UN organizations
  • European Commission
  • Dutch Government
  • Non-governmental organizations
  • Private companies, business to business

Cadena's strength lies within the continuous investments made in improving cooperation between various stakeholders operating simultaneously or during different phases and levels of these projects. Cadena acknowledges that development is a continuous learning process on how collaboration between different stakeholders and the combination of ideas and inputs can contribute to achieving common goals. With every new project Cadena is gaining more knowledge, expanding its network and plans to evolve and grow continuously in response to the challenges affecting international development projects.